Are the brunettes taking over London?

I have worked for a couple of escort agencies on the London area, and I have noticed that brunettes are in demand. When I applied for a job with a central London agency recently, I was asked if I was a brunette. When I said that I was in fact a blonde, the girl on the reception said that they would not be interested at all. They had enough blondes, and at the moment gents wanted to date brunettes. It took my by surprise actually, and at the time, I was not sure how to feel.

A bit later that day, I got in touch with Harrow escorts and managed to get a job after having sent in my photos. They did not seem to be worried about employing girls with blonde hair at all. When I as first started to work in the escort service in London, most agencies that I worked for, wanted you to have blonde hair. It is kind of hard to understand that things have changed so much in certain areas of London. I have to say that many of the girls who work for Harrow escorts, still have got blonde hair.

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If you are looking for blonde escorts to date in London, it may be better if you check out some of the smaller escort agencies such as Harrow escorts. I am pretty sure that there are still a lot of gents out there who would really like to date blonde escorts. But when they contact the top agencies in London, they find that they mainly will come across brunette escorts. Is the experience with a brunette escorts different? The gents who date blondes say that it is.

A lot of brunettes that I have met, seem to take escorting very seriously. They have some fun on their dates, but most of the time they go into work with the attitude that this is a professional job. I am sure that a lot of brunette ladies are very good at escorting, but I think that the blondes here at Harrow escorts take a slightly different approach to dating. We like to have fun, and that is how we approach dating when we work. It is all about the pleasure of experience for us.

If you would like to have a really hot date, I think that you should still go for blondes. Personally I think that we are a lot more fun to spend time with. Most of the blondes that I work with at Harrow escorts, really do seem to get a kick out of dating. I think that is true. There is something special about the blondes who date. They like to show their gents a really good time and I think that is true. When I was younger, I used to be very fun loving as well. Not very much as changed about that, and I am glad to say that I am pleased to be a fun loving blonde.

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