From Twin Beds to Sex Swings –

Sex has become increasingly less taboo in the recent years. In the past it was risqué for women to show skin above the ankles. Shows like I Love Lucy wouldn’t even show married couples sleeping in the same bed with one and other. In fact, hand holding used to be a crucial step in the romantic relationships of young women and men. 

A lot of this had to do with the mass suppression of society and their instinctual urges and desires. Glorified women and men were meant to be classy and charming. Sex, back then, was a tool to create children in the eyes of society and the media. Even though sex for pleasure was something that came over everyone’s mind, because it is instinct, these urges were very much suppressed and hidden behind closed doors in order to keep up an appearance. 

Religions and certain social groups furthered this idea that sex before marriage was a sin. Your body is a temple and it is to be used to create life after the vows have been said, and not a minute sooner! 

People were made to feel ashamed of their sexual urges and reproductive organs. They were made to feel ashamed of masturbation and arousal. 

However, in recent years these ideas have changed substantially. Today we at find, sex sells more than ever before. The media uses sex to drive sales, grab attention, and coerce people into feeling a certain way by feeding off of our instinctual tendencies to “follow the sexy”. 

With the media showcasing women in less and less clothing, with less and less body fat– a craze took over. The fitness and fast craze! Women want to look like those girls they see in the magazines and on TV. They always have. They want to be looked at by men like those supermodels are looked at. In short, they want to be beautiful and in shape. 

Obsession with body type has risen to a new high as fashion trends and media pursue it with more tenacity than ever before. With this uprise in “freeing” clothing has come a decrease in self consciousness of sexuality. 

Today, both women and men are embracing their bodies and doing all they can to make it as sexually attractive as possible. It’s freeing to express ourselves sexually, and this is the time of freedom of expression. There is far less suppression today, although it is not eliminated yet. But, exposing bodies and giving into sexual desires gives light to the free spirit side of society today. 

We were created to physically and mentally enjoy sex. In fact, sex is good for you in a number of ways. Although the shrinking waist lines and intense fasts can be out of control, it’s a beautiful thing to see us embrace our human nature. 

All that’s really happening is the veil of suppression is being ripped off of most of us. This is a new movement, a new time. This is a time of openness, exploration, and freedom.

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