Healthy things to eat when you come off the night shift

When I finish the night shift at Bracknell escorts, I am really hungry. At first, I was stuffing my face with things like chocolate and cake, but that was not doing me any good. When I got home and went to bed, I felt that I could not sleep and my stomach started to hurt in the middle of the night so that did not do me any good at all. So I started to check out other things that I could eat instead.

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Now when I come home from Bracknell escorts, I go straight into the kitchen and make myself a nice bowl of porridge. It is so easy to do and only takes a few minutes to make. It feels me and it helps me to relax at the same time. Sitting on the sofa eating porridge can actually be rather a comforting experience and I have come to love my porridge.

A couple of the other girls at Bracknell escorts have their own healthy eating routines apart from Laila. She comes from Bracknell escorts and smokes a cigarette. After that she jumps straight into the shower and goes to bed. Perhaps that is why she is so skinny all of the time but I don’t think that it is so good for her. She is one of those ladies who does not care and a cigarette is more important to her than a good meal. I cannot really understand her attitude. She is rather healthy now but you can see that her skin quality is beginning to suffer. I am sure that she would be better off eating something healthy than smoking a cigarette. That is not really good for you and you will suffer in the long run.

My friend Myra who have I have known for ages at Bracknell escorts is also very healthy. She loves to eat the right thing when she comes home from the agency and is totally addicted to Kelloggs K. The funny thing is that Myra has her own little routine when it comes to it. The first thing she does when she comes home is to light a candle. After that she goes to kitchen and makes herself a bowl of special K. Myra’s routine has always made me laugh but I am not sure that I would follow it.

I keep on wondering if the gents that we date at Bracknell escorts have got their own funny routines. I am not sure that I can see any of my dates sitting around eating porridge after our dates. Next time when I meet up with one of my best gents, I think that I will ask him what he does. In all honesty, I am just curious and I would like to know what he does when we are not together. Maybe he will not tell me but I would like him to let me into his own secret and personal routines. Who knows, it might be kind of exciting when it comes down to it.

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