Hiding Bruises from a Good Spanking

I hate getting changed in the gym or taking a shower. Sometimes when I am on my way to work, I do have to have a shower in the gym. The thing is that I am into having a spanking good time in a really big way. Most of the girls that I go to the gym with, or work on the London escorts reception, don’t know about that at all. But I really don’t get turned on by a guy unless he spanks me a bit hard. That really gets me going and turns me into a sexual dynamo.

Some of the girls that I know really well at cityofeve.com London escorts know about my habit. They are okay about it but they do worry that I let some of my boyfriends hurt me a little bit too much. I would not say that it really hurts. It is more like I am letting them warm me up a little bit but I am perhaps looking at things in rather perverse way. I am sure that most people would not look at it in that way at all.

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To be honest, I really don’t know what gets me going about a good spanking. But as soon as I get spanked I get really turned on. Like I say to my friends at London escorts, I want the whole thing. I want him to tell me that I have been a really bad girl and make sure that I get all of the punishment that I need. My father never spanked me or hurt me so I don’t know where this rather crazy fetish comes from.

Fortunately for me there are fetish clubs in and around London. They cater for all sorts of unusual fetishes. One of my best friends at London escorts is a dominatrix and she goes to the same club that I go. We both get dressed up in all our sexy gear and off we go. I love putting my stockings and sexy lingerie on to go out for a date with my friend. We are both really excited in the taxi on the way there and I am sure there are at least a couple of London cab drivers who wonder what is going.

Of course, we don’t go all of the time. I have a couple of male friends who like to oblige me. One of them work for a male London escorts service and is the giver in our relationship. Once he is off duty from his escort agency, he into exciting adventures as much as I am. The truth is that you don’t have to be a London escort to be a little bit kinky. I know that some of the girls at the gym have seen my bruises. So far none of them have been brave enough to ask what they are all about. But when they do, I think that I am just going to have to tell. Listen girls – I really like a good spanking!

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