How a London escort move on from divorce



One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is to have someone in your life, someone that you will spend your years for a lifetime. We all need someone that can understand and love us through. Someone who can accept us for who we are and what we are. There are moments in life that we never expected such as problems and tragedies, when we encounter that, It feel like our world shuts down and we want to end our life too. When we have someone in our side we are not afraid to take risks, we are braver to conquer life; they become our source of happiness as well as our strength. Many couples have said how love changed their life, most of them have the same feedback, it’s an extreme feeling, it feels like heaven, and you feel happy every day. You are confident in life, your thoughts are essential to you mentally, emotionally and physically as it has a significant impact on yourself. One of the best days in life is spending your time and attention to your loved ones. Your problems lights, as well as you, feel confident of yourself. Life gives us many problems but it doesn’t matter now as we have someone in our side to help us go through it. Every relationships have ups and downs, so you have to lower your pride or relax yourself to avoid too many fighting’s.


The next stage of your relationship is marriage, this time it is more complicated, greater responsibility and strong commitment. You are now entitled to build your own family and make it a strong and whole. Success in marriage depends on how you deal with things, widen your understanding and longer your patience. Marriage requires maturity since it is not a typical relationship, this is tougher, and just two brave souls can make it lasts.


One of my dreams is to have a whole and happy family. Something that I have not experienced before. Growing up in a broken family is hard, and I know every child is feeling away from their father. I have blamed my mom why my fathers left. They always fight with each other because of dad having a mistress and mom give up. I thought it is just like easy to forgive someone until I experienced it on myself and felt sorry for my mom.


We have the same experience in life; I marry a cheater man and its painful for me to let him go. To be able to raise my three kids, I work as a Cheap London escort to enjoy and have fun. I am more focus on the positive things that happened in my life.

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