I get excited by house work – what is wrong with me?

I was out on a Charlton escorts date with one of my regulars at Charlton escorts in London when we started to talk about what we do when we are not at my work. He told me that he loved to play golf, and he spends most of the weekend playing golf. I looked at him, and I was not sure that I should tell him what I like to do when I am not working. I guess that it is not ever girl who gets excited by house work.


It all started a couple of years ago. I had finished my shift late at Charlton escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/charlton-escorts, and dashed home to take a shower. It was really late, but I knew that I was having some friends around the next day. Instead of just going to bed, I cleaned the house. I really don’t know what happened, but I got really excited. As I came to the end of cleaning, I started to brush myself allover with one of those bushy silky dusters which are so popular. Before I knew it, I was climaxing.


To me it was kind of a kinky experience, and I soon became addicted to my Magic Duster as I started to call my blue little friend who leaved in the cupboard. I thought it was a weird thing to get excited by, but I still told one of the girl at Charlton escorts. She did not make a big deal out of my developing fetish, but instead she told me about a sex party which she goes to. According to her ticklers and others toys are very popular at sex parties.


I had never thought about going to a sex party before, but my friend from Charlton escorts persuaded me that I should try it. As it was my first time, I did not have to participate unless I really wanted to, but I soon got rather excited. This guy who I had never met before invited me to join him. Form his belt, hung a huge array of ticklers, and before I knew it, he was tickling me like I had never been tickled before. It was so sexy and I was grateful to my friend at Charlton escorts who had invited me.


Finally, he put on a bed, and spread my legs. I was so excited that I thought that I would cum instantly. He started to tickle my kitty with this small feather that he had, and I was just going nuts. Another guy came up and held my arms above my head, and the tickling carried on for a little while longer. I was just totally gone when I felt his big cock in me thrusting hard but slowly. At the same time, he carried on tickling me tummy. It was amazing and that night, I had the best orgasm that I had ever enjoyed, Needless to say, I am still letting him tickle me on my night off from Charlton escorts.

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