I want to be an escort!

I have been working as a beautician here in London for the last two years. Although I love my job, there are days when I feel that I would like to do something else. Some of the girls who come into see me tell em that they are escorts. I know that it is kind of a funny thing to do and seems to be related to prostitution but most of the girls say that it does not have anything to do with it all. The girls from the local Notting Hill escorts agency are really glamorous and from what I understand, they also earn really good money. I could do with that.


One thing is for sure, the girls from Notting Hill escorts http://charlotteaction.org/notting-hill-escorts spend a lot of money on pampering themselves. They always strive to look perfect and look after their skin and bodies. I have also noticed that they are very good dressers and wear a lot of designer gear. None of that stuff comes cheap and I am must admit that I am a little bit jealous of the girls. Yes, it would be nice to have some nicer clothes.


Notting Hill escorts agency

Notting Hill escorts agency

Sometimes I feel that I work really hard and don’t get a lot out of it. Even after working here for two years, I have not been able to save up enough money for a deposit on a flat. London really is expensive. Talking to the girls from Notting Hill escorts, it is clear that many of them already own their own flats and don’t even have mortgages. Starting out in life is certainly very expensive here in London and in other parts of the country. I wish that I could have a little bit of what they have.


I have not really been brave enough to ask the girls how they got into escorting. Most of them only seem to have been doing it for a few years. To me, it is staggering how you can do so well in a few years. To be honest, I don’t even have my own car at the moment because I am so desperately trying to save up to get my own little flat. Many of the girls say that they even date gents at Notting Hill escorts who give them really nice presents. It all sounds okay to me.


Perhaps I could start doing a bit of escorting at Notting Hill escorts on a part time basis. I am not sure if I would really enjoy it. On top of that, I am not sure that I would like to give up my beauty career. But at the same time, it feels very much like I am trying to play catch up here and I am not sure that I will ever have enough money to get my own place. I really want that more than anything. Many of the girls from the agency are very goal focused and I think that helps. I think if I joined, I would have to be just as blinkered as many of the girls that I have met from Notting Hill escorts.

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