Online Dating For Adult Singles

We all see the commercials on TV about online dating websites. And these days you probably know a couple that know each other by using an online dating service. Maybe you or someone you know is thinking of using an online dating service. Have you ever been to a wedding where the couple met each other online?

There are dating services specifically for people that are Christian. And there are dating services that fit other types of people as well. Three popular dating services are, and OkCupid. I picked those three services because they were the ones that I remembered seeing advertisements for on television. But a quick Google search will reveal many other dating sites that are available. and,according to Wikipedia, is one of the largest online dating sites. There are 96 million registered users and just over one million active users. It is a paid service that allows for same sex connections.

The next site,, is a site that helps couples connect based off from a prescreening personality test. It is also a paid service. They do not offer same sex connections, however, they redirect gay and lesbian clients to their same-sex dating service, Compatible Partners.

The next site, OkCupid, takes advantage of user generated questions and preferences to generate matches. It is a free service and it supports same sex matches.
There are two obvious disadvantages to online dating. First, you don’t get to meet your dates in person. You have to communicate with them on the computer, which can allow a person to falsify information. They may even be able to pretend to be someone that they are not. Another disadvantage is that the person that you’re meeting is a complete stranger. There is no one that you know that knows this person. So you lack that reference ability.

From a safety stand point, you need to follow all of the rules and regulations. You need to use common sense and be safe. One could argue that all dating involves risk. But there are aspects to online dating that create unique risks that need to be taken into consideration. Do some research and educate yourself before you join any online dating network.

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