Swedish Gatwick Escorts On Eating Like a Reindeer

The reindeers are said to love lingon berries, and all of the Swedish Gatwick escorts are mad on lingon berries as well. When I first moved to the UK, I don’t not think that I would be able to get hold of them, but then one of the gents I date at Gatwick escorts, pointed out to me you can buy them in Ikea. Since then I have faithfully been buying lingon berries in my local IKEA.

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Lingon berries grow in northern Sweden, and they are a bit of a delicacy. When I was young my grandma always used to try to put them on my pancakes but I reached for the raspberry jam instead. Now Swedish scientists have discovered that lingon berries might prevent weight gain in people on high fat diets. As usual the scientists
carried out the experiment on some poor unsuspecting mice.

The mice were all fed a high fat diet, but some of the mice were also fed lingon berries and other part of the group were fed acai berries. After three months the Swedish researchers found that the group which had been easting on the lingon berries had not gained any weight. Great news if you like to keep yourself slim but there were other advantages as well. The study also found that lingon berries can help to lower cholesterol and sugar levels. Another piece of good news.

So what happened to the mice that were fed acai berries? Acai berries have for a long time been classified as a “superb food”, and we have been told to eat acai berries or take an acai berry supplement. Acai berries are expensive and so are the supplements. The study from Sweden showed that the mice which ate the acai berries actually gained weight, and also raised the good cholesterol level in the blood. The wrong kind of cholesterol can cause health problems, and if you can, you should make sure your have more good cholesterol than bad cholesterol. Eating right is your best option to do doing so. Popping pills is okay, but it is not a long term solution. Cholesterol lowering drugs can cause a range of health problems and that is not really what you need.

The study proves how important it is to obtain scientific confirmation, or proof, of the health benefits of so called health supplement. It might just all be a wild tale told by a Swedish reindeer, trying to keep you away from eating their Lingon berries. Lingon berries are also known as cowberries, and can be found in Europe and North America. Do I recommend eating lingon berries to my gents at London escorts? You bet that I do. Rather a few of my dates at Gatwick escorts have got health challenges, and they seem to do well from enjoying a healthier diet. Lingon berries should be on top of everyone’s health eating list, it is an ideal diet food and like all berries, they are packed with instant energy.

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