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Just like so many of the other girlies here at Canary Wharf escorts, I am really interested in looking sexy and feeling good about myself. One the things that many escorts do, is to spend a small fortune on skincare. I love good quality skincare and I do know that it helps me to stay sexy and looking good. There are some products which are just must have for any self respecting escort, and the girls here at Canary Wharf escorts services of have got their own favorite beauty products.


As we girls walk around in stilettos a lot, we do suffer from tired and aching legs. You really do need to look after your legs when you work as an escort, and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you use a beauty product which is right for your legs. Don’t for one moment think that the most expensive ones are the best.  Revlon Natural Honey Lotion for Tired legs seem to work the best for us girls here at the agency.


Looking after the skin around your eyes is important as well. This is where you may want to invest some extra money. One of the girls here at Canary Wharf escorts was always suffering from puffy and baggy eyes after the night shift so she started to looked around for a good quality eye lotion.  The one that works for her is called Eye Rescue at it comes from Elemis. It is one of the best eye lotions that you can buy and I have become totally addicted to it.


Small wrinkles around your neck can look awful and are mainly down to pollution. I have not suffered from the problem yet, but I still make sure that I use a preventative treatment. The best one that I have come across so far is Shiseido neck contour treatment. It is a really nice natural product and the girls who use it here at Canary Wharf escorts have had some amazing results. I am totally hooked on it, and I would at the same time recommend that you check out the rest of Shiseido natural beauty range. They really do have some great products for you to enjoy.


Of course, there are other things that you should do to look after you skin as well. Yes, it is important to look after your skin from the outside, but you should also make sure that you look after your skin from the inside. I spend a lot of time indoors when I work for Canary Wharf escorts, so I make sure that I drink a lot of water.  Try to stay away from sugar if you can. It can really play havoc with your skin, and people who have a lot of sugar in their diet, tend to have a lot of skin problems. Of course you should make sure that you eat lots of fruit and vegetables to stay overall healthy.

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