Whenever I get the chance to have some time off from London escorts, I like to travel out to Las Vegas.

A lot of people think it is very expensive to stay there, but you can pick up some cheap rentals. Spending a month in Las Vegas would be sort of my dream holiday. Most of the girls at the agency are surprised as if to why I enjoy Las Vegas so much. There are variety of reason for that. To be honest, I don’t think that I am ever going to fall out of love with Las Vegas.

Most people assume that the only way to make a living in Las Vegas is to work in the gaming industry. That is not true at all. I keep telling my friends that at London escorts that Las Vegas is surrounded by other industries as well. The entertainment industry is huge and then you have the aerospace industry. If you are a professional person, it would be really easy to find a job in Las Vegas working outside of the gambling and gaming industry. That is only of the reasons why I like Las Vegas so much, you find all sorts of people living here.

Shopping is cheap as well. The American are great with their vouchers and you can pick up quality clothes for not very much money at all. You need to check out the local press and cut out all of the vouchers. When ever I visit the US, I make sure that I pick up a couple of local papers. In Las Vegas you have a lot of shopping centres that you can visit. They are always running specials and have some great offers. I know that my friends at London escorts would love the shopping in Las Vegas. It is just totally amazing and great fun as well.

Eating out in Las Vegas is really cheap. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas run a lot of buffets so you can eat out very for little money if you enjoy eating out. I like to go to the Bellagio breakfast buffet. This is normally one of the more expensive hotels to stay in Las Vegas so you may not want to stay there but you certainly want to go and have their breakfast. Like I have been telling the girls here at London escorts, the breakfast buffet is only $14. For that you can eat as much as you like, drink all of the coffee you need and enjoy free fruit juices. I love it and cannot think of a better place to eat.

You also get some great entertainment in Las Vegas. Celine Dion is running her show until 2019 and a seat will cost you $150. That is just great value for money. I do know that a lot of the girls at London escorts like Celine and it is a fantastic show. There are also a lot of magic shows that are great and none of them are going to set you back a small fortune like they do in London. Many of the shows include free drinks and you will be truly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect show for you. Am I addicted to holidays in Las Vegas? You bet that I am and I love to live in this some what crazy city.

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