Why Wont Men Go Out With Me

When I work for London escorts, I seem to have a steady stream of men lining up to take me out. But, when I finish at London escorts, I don’t seem to have one single guy to take me out. I have really started to worry why no men would like to date me. I am attractive and lots of fun to be with. If you met me, I am pretty sure that you would like the way I look and find that I am kind of easy going company.

Are men put off by confident women? I know that I am very confident, and that it may have something to do with it. The gents that I meet at London escorts seem to appreciate confident women, but I am not sure that other gents do. Mind you, the gents that I do date at London escorts are a bit older and very confident themselves. I really do like confident men, and the younger ones men that I meet outside of London escorts, do not seem to be that confident. I am convinced it is one of the problems why men won’t date me.

The other thing that I am a pretty tall girl. When you work for London escorts, many gents put you on a pedestal so to speak. They want to go out with the prettiest girl, and the girl with the longest legs. I have never met a gent at London escorts who like to show me off a little bit. My dates at London escorts treat me really well, but when I date in my private life, things are very different. It seems that some men are intimidated by tall women, and when you are pretty as well, this becomes a real issue for you.

I have a certain air about me when I walk down the street. It has a little bit to do with the fact that I am tall, but like a client from charlotte action escorts said, I seem to be unreachable somehow. He had seen me in the street and thought that I looked like a totally different person. Well, once I am out of my London escorts gear, I do look totally different. I do feel people turn and look at me, and I do get a lot of smiles. But at the same time, a lot of gents do step out of my way. Perhaps I do seem to be out of reach for them, and they think that they are not going to have a chance to go out with a girl like me.

Fear not if you are one of those gents. I don’t care that you are not as tall as I am, or as good looking. All that I care about is that you are a nice guy. When I am not at London escorts, I may look like a fashion model who has stepped out from between pages, but I am still a fun girl. You may think that I am too much to take on, but the truth is that even tall and pretty girls need love. Are we having any easy time finding it? I have started to believe that it is much harder for tall girls to find love. You may feel that you don’t measure up to us, but in fact, there is no way that I am going to let you worry about measurements when you are spending time with me.

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