Common escort beauty and grooming mistakes

I am not sure that all of the girls at Fulham escorts get their beauty and grooming right. Most of them seem to think it is okay to wear a very short skirt which comes just below their bottom. I can understand why they do that, but at the same time, it does not look nice. In my experience you may even attract the wrong kind of gents when you don’t dress for the part. Personally, I prefer a bit more of a sophisticated look, and I have noticed that it does make a lot of difference to the kind of gent that you attract at Fulham escorts.

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Should you plaster on the make up? Younger Fulham escorts often plaster on the make up, but I strongly disagree with that. Not only can make up rub off during fun and games, but it can seriously damage your skin. If you are planning on a longer escorting career, it is a better idea to wear a bit less make up, and look after your skin using good quality skin care. Just like your hair, gents often like to pay attention to the quality of your skin.

What about those heels? Stilettos are very sexy but only on certain occasions. I have to admit that I cringe when I see young Fulham escorts turn up in stilettos to business dates. It does not look right, and most of the time, the Fulham escorts who turn up in stilettos for a business date, do not get asked back. You really need to think about what you wear when you are going out on business dates, and I am not sure that business dating is really for younger escorts. It does help if you have a little bit of experience before you go out on a business date.

Long nails are sexy, but they should not be too long. You are much better of focusing on having a nice manicure instead of having super long nails. I love looking after my nails, but I go for that classical look. A French manicure can be ever so sexy, and it looks good in all sorts of situations. I think that I must spend a small fortune on manicures and pedicures when I am on duty with Fulham escorts, but it certainly works for me. To put it simply, it gives me confidence.

I never by cheap clothing for Fulham escorts. Instead I buy some good quality clothes and I always visit a personal shopper. She does not know what I do for a living and thinks that I am a hostess in a private club, but that is okay. It is rather a lot in line with what I do at the escorts agency in Fulham, and I love the way she makes me look. Yes, it does cost a bit of money, but at the end of the day, the clothes I invest in can be used in my private life as well as my professional life. My touch of class has attracted the right gents to me, and they do really like to spoil their favorite sexy babe at Fulham escorts services.

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